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Bangkok to Chaing mai

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Well this is the start of my blog and what we've been up to since we left four days ago!!
Our flights and everything went grand, but 11 hours from london to bangkok is a long time especially when louise sleeps like a baby for most of it and I only manage about an hour ish when added all together. Needless to say I was shattered so when we landed in bangkok at 4pm Sunday so we decided to get a room rather than stay in the airport till 6 the next morning for our flight to Chaing mai to avoid the flood. After alot of searching and phone calls and broken English, we got a room for that night and they sent a car to pick us up. Panic started to sink in when he turned down a dark dingy street which looked like only locals would live on. But then just as we were preparing to make a run for it we came to the end of the street and the paragon complex opened up in front of us. We saw a lot of sand bags and a small flood near the hotel but hotel was dry and looked amazing well worth it. Our first night in Thailand we had a few drinks with dinner by the pool and headed to bed so we could get up at half four to go back to the airport.

Monday - We had breakfast in the airport and flew up to chaing mai, we were at our hostel at half nine and we just dumped our bags and headed exploring!! Later that day we went to tiger kingdom, our hostel was supposed to organise a tuk tuk for us but when we came down ready to go the lady said 'tuk tuk busy my nephew take you' this boy looked barly able to drive but we headed off anyway. Along the way we seen hundreds of mopeds some drivers wearing helmets some not but the worst we seen was a driver wearing a helmet with what I presume was his wife behind him and a little boy about two standing in between them holding on to the drivers shoulders no child restraints here!!! In Tiger Kigdom you can pet real tigers and get photos taken, the price depends on the size of tiger you want to see so we chose the smallest and the biggest. The big tigers were a bit scary at first, I didn't stroke him hard enough, he thought I was a pesky fly and swatted me with his tail, needless to say I jumped out of my skin when he moved an inch. All the men laughed at me. The trainer we were with wasn't that nice and rushed us through the big tigers so we didn't get all the photos we would have liked but the smallest tigers more than made up for that. The babies ranged from 1-2mths old and were adorable. The trainer was really nice too and was giving us ideas on how to pose with them. Well worth the visit.


That night we decided to hit Chaing mai in style, it was a slow start with dinner drinks, and a spot of shopping at the night markets but then we went into a bar near our hotel, met two guys from Switzerland Samuel and Manwell and ended up still drinking and playing pool till 4am. There was a wee thai boy who was beating everyone so we got chatting to him his name was Jab and he was only 15 an still playing pool with us till 4am.lol

Tuesday- This morning my alarm went off at 7am and I could have cried!! But we got up and got ready for our one day trek and activities, I went out and got us breakfast and water and then we were on our way. (feeling a little worse for wear during the bus ride) About 30mins into the drive the bus started to sound a bit sick and the driver pulled over and we all had to get out and wait for another bus to come for us, then he said it was ok and we all got back on the bus only for it to stop again and this time we really did have to wait for the another bus at the side of the road. Also on our tour was an older couple from England, a young couple from Australia, a couple from Germany, and two men on their own.
When we arrived we went straight to the elephant trekking through the jungle, it was amazing, their trunks are really weird close up when they are searching you for bananas.lol Me and Louise had an elephant called 'me - mu' she was lovely and not lazy like the german boys elephant who refused to move because they had not bought him any bananas!!
Half way through the ride the guide asked if we wanted to sit on the elephants head behind him, of course I jumped at the chance and as soon as I was in position the guide jumped off and said 'ok I see you later now'! An elephant stampede with me and Louise on its back flashed through my mind but me-mu was grand and I actually think the guide just wanted off to roll a cigarette, but he took some really good photos of us.
Elephant Trekking

Elephant Trekking

We then stopped for lunch which was fried rice and pineappple for desert, nothing to write home about, the same as the rest of the food so far. After lunch we started our trek into the jungle by this time it was 12.30 and really starting to hot up, but we made it all the way to the waterfall at the trek and were able to swim and take photos in the water. This was my favourite part of chaing mai so far!
Louise however has a fear of water so thought she was gonna die!!lol Especially when I stepped of a rock and the water was up to my neck but we got her all the way under the waterfall and she was so glad she did it. We then had to trek all the way back down and on to our white water rafting start point.
Waterfall after our trek

Waterfall after our trek



The white water rafting was really good but because the rainy season is over and all the water is now in bangkok the river was only grade two whereas its normally a 4-5. But it was still really good. louise was a bit scared again (actually this is a bit of an understatement especially when she realised you had to sit on the edge of the boat) but after the first rapid she relaxed and really enjoyed it. Our guide was hillarious his english was quite bad but he kept saying things like In dis river we have croadile, we have paranna, we have great white shark, we have nemo and we also hav captain jack sparrow and then he would pour water down your back or splash you and sayOh it was nemo, nemo why you splash her he also kept saying Today my first time on river I cannot swim when we have the accident save me first I cannot swim then shouting WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE right before hitting a rapid. (everything in italics should be read in a funny thai voice!lol) He was great entertainment and we had a great trip. At the end we changed onto traditional bamboo rafts in the calmer water but as the guide called them bamboo submarines!! when you sit on them the still float but just under the water, we had a rather larger lady on our raft on ours so it was about a foot under water!!lol Louise was more scared of the bamboo raft that the white water rafting.!!lol

Last night we had the worst food ever!! They keep having western food on the menu so you imagine what it would be like if you got it at home then it comes out and its nothing like what they said it would be. Lesson learnt - stick to Thai food at least they can kind of cook that. Louise is struggling more with the food than me!! You know me it takes a lot to put me off my food.lol
Then we headed in search of a Reggie bar we heard was good, it took us about an hour to find but in the end was well worth it, the owner, David, who was wearing pink skinny jeans,lol kept trying to get us up to dance but was really nice and we met some boys from Liverpool who are going to Laos next too and its jacks birthday on Monday so we're all gonna meet up in vang vieng and go tubing.

Today is our lazy day - before we head to vang vieng tomorrow we have to get a bus and its gonna take a day and a half so I'll let you know how that one goes when/if we get there!!lol

Until next time

Anne x

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