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Beginning the east coast adventure!!

Cairns, The Great Barrier Reef, White water rafting on the Tully river, Rainforest trip to Cape Tribulation

sunny 30 °C

The most exciting month of my time in Australia has finally arrived roll on the fun and messiness!!

We flew up to cairns from Sydney thinking we would get straight to the good weather but it did not quite work out like that its lovely and warm up here but its been a little overcast the first few days!

So main events so far, we headed out our first nite loaded up with goon (For anyone that doesn't know that's really cheap boxes of wine which get you very drunk!!) we just started drinking in the room with the french boys already in our room! Lovely lads but as they got drunker they tend to talk in French more which is slightly unnerving as I speak little or no french, (If I needed to ask where the swimming pool was I could manage but after that I'd be lost!! Lol) Luckily Gk speaks some and when Matt told me he 'Loved me alot' in french thinking I would not know what he said Gk was able to translate for me! To say he was shocked is an understatement I think they'll be more careful what they say in front of us from now on!!lol Great nite craic in the Wool shed where you are allowed to dance on the tables.

First Trip of the coast - The Great Barrier Reef

I have wanted to dive on the great barrier reef for pretty much as long as I can remember so this was going to be the most amazing day ever!! And I was totally Syked for using my new underwater camera!!
We set off on the Ocean freedom at about 8am and arrived at the dive spot about an hour later. Unfortunately no one had told Gk she would need a medical before diving because of her asthma so she was not allowed to dive and spent the day snorkeling! She'll get that all sorted before the Whit Sundays though!!
So I had my brief and jumped in the water, and kinda totally freaked out it was only then that I realised I had not dived at all since I learned in December so when I went down a little freaked out an thought I was not gonna be able to do it!! Until the lovely Federico asked if I was ok and helped me descend, once I was down under the waves it all came back to me and I was a lot calmer!! It was an amazing dive we got to see a sting ray, Nemo, lots of cool fish and the thing I wanted to see most a sea turtle!! Unbelievable!! Just chilling out in the coral!! and possibly the best bit I had my camera so I have photos!! Unfortunately because of my little freak attack earlier my oxygen ran out the fastest and I had to ascend first but had a completely awesome dive!!

After lunch we moved to a second site Upollo Cay which was a totally random sandy beach in the middle of the reef so we jumped on the glass bottomed boat and headed over to get some photos. Then we headed back to our boat to do some snorkeling at one of the top 10 snorkeling sites in the Great Barrier Reef. We seen Nemo again and one of the guides dived down and picked up a sea cucumber for us!! The day I had been looking forward to since coming to Australia did not disappoint best day in Oz yet!!

Thursday we spent at the lagoon a man made beach/pool right beside the sea because your not allowed to swim in the sea because of salt water crocodiles and jellyfish! This place is really nice and just lying around sunbathing made us feel like we were on proper holidays. It though so plenty of trips into the water and tons of suncream for me.

Friday we went white water rafting on the Tully river we went for the extreme option which basically means jumping off lots of rocks, swimming down rapids and waterfalls, and generally just taking the more extreme option at each rapid! It was a great day we had the young boat, there were two girls from new york a guy from scotland, GK, me and our guide Mauricio and because our boat was up for everything the river could throw at us Mauricio made sure we had a really good trip towards the end he was flipping our boat over in the rapids without even warning us first! Poor Paul and Mauricio though stuck with a boat full of girls hysterically laughing every time someone nearly fell out, to the point that Mauricio had to remind us to pull Dana back into the boat! And you will all be pleased I learned some new random information on my trip 1 goon is the aboriginal word for pillow and dragon flies spend the first two years of their lives under water! We also met Louise from Galway on our rafting trip so of course we took her out with us that nite and ended up on a pub crawl sold to us by a boy from Longford!! Crazy nite which ended shortly after Louise getting shouted at by a bouncer for giving her key card to a Scottish boy to try and get him into our hostels bar!

So after about 4hrs sleep we were up again and getting on a bus for our Cape Tribulation, rainforest tour. We set of north towards Port Douglas and our guide was very good telling us lots of random information about everything we seen so of course I loved it. Including telling us about this great Australian bird the cassowary which is between 5.5 and 6 feet tall, can get very aggressive and have been known to kill people if provoked or it you get between them and the chicks but we were on a bus with a guide so we were all looking out for them and really wanted to see them. Our first stop was the Daintree river cruise to look for Crocs and we seen six of them from tiny ones to one which the boat man thought was around 5.5 meters.
We went for a guided walk through the rainforest and mangroves and then got dropped of at our hostel in PK's jungle. We had the rest of the day so we decided to go for a walk to a swimming hole but of course me being me I decided we should go on the long one an 16km round trip to find a 'spectacular' swimming hole in the middle of the rainforest! Of course no one told us before we set of that it all but dries up in the dry season and when we arrived it was really more of a stream!! Worst of all though as we were trekking through the rainforest on our own we seen some cassowary poo on the track to the swimming hole so of course we both started freaking out and praying we wouldn't come across one in the middle of the rain forest on our own miles from the hostel, and Gk was convinced there was something behind us at one stage big enough to break branches!! Needless to say we were very glad to get back to the road!! We also decided to trek down to Emmagen beach which is only accessible through the Rainforest and was totally secluded this actually was worth the 16km.

The next day we walked down the beach to Cape Tribulation beach and lookout and spent the morning on the beach before the bus came and picked us up again to continue our tour. We headed to Walu Wugirriga which means look about, and then we met an aboriginal who talked to us about his culture and native plants and things. We rounded off the day in Mossman gorge and went swimming in a fantastic swimming hole with a water fall and we jumped off rocks into the river. The best bit was we only had to walk 5min from the bus to get to it!!

Then it was back to Cairns and the bus on Monday to Airlie Beach which is where I am now about to board the Atlantic clipper for three days!

But that's for the next blog!!

P.S. soory there's no photos with this blog I can't upload them from this computer but have a look at my Cairns album on Fb they're all on there!

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