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The Atlantic Clipper, The Whitsundays and Airlie beach

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So on Tuesday 28th Aug was the day we were boarding the Atlantic clipper for three days to sail around the Whitsunday's, it was also Gk's birthday. We boarded around 3 O'clock and we met Sally-ann and Hannah while we were waiting to board. The first day was just sailing out to the Whitsunday Islands we seen a dolphin on our way out just cruising along with the boat. We spent the evening getting to know everyone on the boat and we met so many nice people and knew we had a really good group of people on our boat we had a few drinks on the first night but not too many because we were all scuba diving the next day. Everyone sang happy Birthday to Gk though so that was good.

The next morning they woke us up at 6.30am not the most enjoyable moment of the trip but we had plenty to do that day so we got up and we sailed to Whitsunday Island, to visit Whitehaven beach the most photographed beach in Australia! On our way there we seen some humpback whales which was really cool, and when we were on the dingy to the island we also seen a dugong, which is sort of like a manatee. So when we got on the Island we walked up to the lookout took some pics and then hit Whitehaven beach. We had a bit of a group going on at this stage so it was Gk, Sally-ann from Dublin, Hannah from London and Angelique from Sweden, we went to the lagoon and were burring each other in the sand and went for a swim in the lagoon but then we realised there were sting rays in the lagoon and we kind of all freaked out especially Sally-ann, who was screaming and holding on to Gk for dear life, kind of funny.

After a fun morning on the beach it was time to head back to the boat for lunch and then scuba diving, Gk had her dive medical sorted so she was able to dive with sally-ann. I went in a different group and Mark and Mike were my dive buddies which was really good because they had done it loads before and we had a bigger group so its nice to know someone is looking out for you down there. The dive was really really good we dived through a sort of tunnel in the coral with walls of coral at each side of us, and our guide Demetri had fish food with him so he was squirting it in our faces and the fish were swarming all around us. The coolest thing we seen this dive was a big maori wrasse a huge almost a meter long and we were feeding him and able to stroke him, very cool. After the dive we all went on the slide of the side of the ship and jumped of the diving board and basically messed around in the water and in the Jacuzzi for the rest of the afternoon.

That night was the party night, I'm not gonna lie I was slightly scarred about what they would have in store for us, but it was a brilliant nights craic, we were all drinking from 4 O'clock, as soon as they opened the drink fridge!!lol The party night started off with a big box of fancy dress clothes, there was some random outfits came out of that box, luckily me and Gk got sheets and made ourselves some very stylish togas!! Two of the crew led the party Games, Shane from Athlone and some Canadian dude, all I can say is Messy Messy messy, we were having rowing races, dance offs, lap dances, and all sorts of other crazy games untill we eventually got the king and queen of the clipper, both Irish of course. Me and Hannah were very annoyed when we were put out and told Shane we demanded a judges enquiry needless to say it did not work!!! The rest of the night was just drinking and a few more party games, untill sally-ann decided she was hungry and we should raid the galley, we found some bread and the butter but couldn't find the toaster for anything so sally-ann decided to go look for something to make sandwhiches when the Canadian deck hand caught her coming out of the galley with a lunchbox full of ham and took it all of her! Meanwhile me and Grainne were scattering and pretending we weren't involved.

The next day was our last day on the clipper and it was a bright and early 6.30 start again not fun when your hungover but we pulled ourselves together and we all went snorkelling. Hannah nearly killed us all when she got her snorkel and mask stuck in her hair she was screaming at us to help get it out but sure I was laughing so hard I nearly drowned!! After snorkelling for about an hour we headed back to the boat for more sliding and jumping and messing around and then some sunbathing before heading back to Airlie beach. I got my second Random sunburn of the trip, half my back and random bits on my legs but its not too bad.

Back in Airlie beach all the girls had got a room in Nomads hostel together, we went and got a free didgeridoo lesson which funny does not even cover, but I can make noise with it now so that's good!! That night it was time for the clipper after party in Phoenix bar, we all drank in the room and then hit phoenix for free pizza and half price cocktails and jagerbombs and all sorts of messiness but it was was still kinda early so a load of us headed back to the room for more drinking games, we took Mark the Scottish boy (who was wearing a kilt out) and a few other randomers back with us and Leah decided we should all try on Mark's kilt, then it was back out on the town for more drinks the two Irish lads won a $200 bar tab so the drinks where flying around, the night ended with Gk taking a midnight swim in the hostel pool fully clothed so obviously a great nite!

Next adventure is Fraser Island to visit the dingos and do some four wheel driving!!

Ps photos are taking too long to upload so look on Fb for them!!

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